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Dynamic Equine Thoroughbreds...Our company offers clients a Fully
Networked Thoroughbred Sales and Service Operation  which offers a
Convenient, Trustworthy,  Knowledgeable and Reliable means for clients to
purchase thoroughbreds with confidence. We offer Thoroughbreds by some of
the leading commercial sires in the world today, as well  as dam's with huge
pedigree pages. It is imperative that our clients are successful in their
purchases. That is why rather than just sell a horse, we prefer to act as
advisors in the quest to sell the right horse for the right location. We offer a
sense of security or inside track in our clients purchases, as we strive to
accurately assess each horses true potential through an extensive evaluation
program, granting a higher degree of success on their behalf. This system can
offer somewhat of a sense of security, rather than going to a sales ring and
buying at random, based on limited evaluation breezes. Going down that
auction avenue....well, one's chances can be many to one and some do feel
that it can somewhat like playing the lottery. Each of our horses are evaluated,
selected and recommended based on clients specific criteria, depending on
factor's such as track surface, level of competition, distance etc. This analysis
affords our clients the best opportunity to be successful in their purchases and
therefore become a long  term client within our system. The key element here
is listening to what a client desires and recommending accordingly based on
their need. We have many clients that appoint us as consultants to find that
right horse and have put their trust in our recommendations. Some of our
clients have never seen their horses in person prior to purchasing them, but in
fact they have relied on the trustworthy, detailed video's and pictures  we
provide of works, cooling down process, close ups of legs and various shots
from different angles depicting conformation etc. We are probably the only
website on this planet today that offers these unique web services, in which
our clients can shop with confidence and assurance over the Internet. With this
concept we have taken equine sales purchasing to another realm. One can
say that we act as our clients eyes and ears, moreso when they cannot be
there. Our clients are  our greatest asset and we put our reputation on the line
in each and every purchase. Clients say "It's Just Like Being There"  as they
are amazed over the services, features and wealth of information in which our
site provides. We also offer Breaking, Training, Rehabilitation, Sales Prep
and Consignment Services, as well as Quarantine and Transport Services..
We are a full service outfit handling it all. We have sold and transported many
thoroughbreds the world over to various continents. Many of our national and
international sales graduates have gone on to become Stakes and Graded
Stakes earners. We have sold or raced such Stakes and Graded Stakes
Winners such as :

Universal Form...winner of the Deputy Minister Stakes and 3rd in the Richter
Scale Breeders Cup at Gulfstream Park.
Rendevouz...MGS Placed and
Winner of the Grade One Del Mar Derby,
Dubai Distinction...Stakes Winner,
defeating some of the top Graded Stakes horses in N.Y. such as Rollers,
Mega Pixel, Drift King, IEAH's Pictural,
Lantana Mob etc.
Saratoga Lightning...defeating some of the top million dollar
price tag horses at Saratoga, owned and trained by some of the worlds
renouned personalities.
Ruten...Champion Horse Of The Year 2008, winning
the Derby, St Ledger Stakes etc. These are just some of the accolades we
bring to the market and can immensely help to upgrade clients thoroughbred
Dynamic Equine Thoroughbreds...WHERE YOU GO FOR THAT

Dynamic Equine a division that dedicates itself to the
Proper Nutrition, Health, Well being and Performance of your Valued Equine.
We are Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers of Quality Equine
Supplements, Equipment, Veterinary Supplies and General Health Care
items. We deal directly with Leading Manufacturers in the Industry and keep
you up to date with the latest in Equine Technology and Advancements. We
specialize in Equine Nutrition, as well as Unique and Innovative Products on
the market today. We supply products to some of the greatest thoroughbred
icon farms in the world today, such as Claiborne Farm etc. We have offices in
the U.S.A catering to our North America and International clients, as well as
offices in Trinidad, West Indies catering to our Caribbean and South America
clients. We've pretty much "Got the World Covered".  Our goal is "
Performance to the Next Level with

Dynamic Equine Racing...offers prospective clients an affordable means
of thoroughbred owner partnerships and indulgence in the exciting and
prestige of thoroughbred racing. We target clients that are looking to excel
and succeed in the thoroughbred racing Industry today,  benefiting from our
wealth of experience. We manage the day to day operations  and collaborate
with feedback to partners. Partner's valued input is acknowledged and
recommendations are put to trainer. We ideally schedule a  meeting once a
month, where ideas and planning are realized to all. We race thoroughbreds in
the U.S.A, Canada and Caribbean and have a network of experienced
affiliates. Put us to  work for you and see how much we have to offer !  Our
offices are located in the U.S.A catering to our North America, and worldwide
clients. Please  free to contact us for details.
BREAKING NEWS !  Ruten...Dynamic
Equine's sales graduate
(Champion Horse
of the Year 2008
) Warsaw / Poland.
1st 2008 Polish Derby (Pol-G1, 2400 meters),
1st 2008 St. Leger (Pol-G1, 2800 meters)Click
on update Corner: Update: Nov 2010...  Ruten
Wins Gr 1 in Europe  

Tale Of A Champion...Wins the Calder
Summit Of Speed Turf Sprint 2012.
Click Here
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Dubai Distinction &Alex Solis
Extreme Missile saddling before the Metusulah Stakes
Another Dynamic Stakes Win !
Johannesburg Storm
Morning Training Workout
Dubai Distinction & Eibar Coa Leads the Field
Dubai Distinction Wins the Ellio Stakes
Saratoga Lightning loading at "The Spa"
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Setting the the Thoroughbred Industry !
Sky Champion in romp !
Yet Another Dynamic Romp with Jeremy Rose
Dauntless Hero...wins in near track record time !
Three Ladies Event
Coordinators and Catering
Morning Training Workout
2008 Champion Horse Of The Year" Ruten" wins
the Warsaw Derby.
Dubai Distinction & Eibar Coa in Post Parade
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