MACH RIDE TURBO ATP : Equine High Performance Oral Gel Formula. Now Twice the Original Tube Size.

Here’s a Potent 60 cc size of Scientific, Unharnessed, Pure Power Packing, Sustained Adrenalin Pumping, Kinetic Energy. 50%
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A Top Selling Product For Years Now. Professional Grade and Results...Power Amplified … Not the Price. A Horsemen's Must
Have !

Helps Boost Spell Bounding Performance in Any and All Equine Sport Disciplines and Shows. Promotes Increased    Energy,
Speed, Stamina, Power Performance, Endurance and Recovery, while Delaying the  Onset of Fatigue. Promotes Proper  
Muscle Contraction.

The Ultimate Energy Molecule …Mach Ride Turbo ATP Formula..Experience the Game Changing Ride !
Delicious Apple Flavor... Blue / Green Colored Oral Gel Formula.
Safe and Natural. Original Doctor Formulation.
Item #DYN0969    Price: $28.95 ea. Syringe / Tube.  Also Case Count (12 Units).

MACH RIDE TURBO ATP  is Ideal for Horses of Many Sporting  Disciplines. It can provide great controlled energy sustenance.

* For Three Day Eventers, where after such a demanding course, they are still required to come back and dressage test, as well as Hunter / Jump the following day.
* For Thoroughbreds / Standardbreds, its an excellent Pre Race Booster for that supreme energy burst, as well as speed, stamina and endurance.
* For Barrel, Rodeo and Polo events, it  can provide the energy needed for that quick burst of speed, acceleration on tight turns and cut backs.
* For Western Riders, it’s the performance needed for hours of long controlled energy sustenance.

Whatever the Discipline, Turbo ATP  can well be “The Game Changer”. Accelerate Your Equine’s Performance in Any Sporting Discipline with MACH RIDE TURBO ATP !                

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the most crucial factor in athletic performance. The more  you can increase ATP production in your horses body, the better they can perform ! ATP can do wonders for high intensity
performance demands. The use of ATP increases the amount of available molecules, this delaying fatigue and allowing quicker replenishment of ATP from "spent" ADP. ATP can improve endurance and stamina. Adenosine essential ingredient, is the key in helping  your performance horse compete at optimal levels.  Maximum equine performance requires the efficient utilization of large amounts of energy, transformed by
metabolic pathways from chemical to kinetic energy for muscle contraction. Thiskinetic energy is in the form of Adenosine  Triphosphate, or ATP. Many horsemen around the world add ATP supplementation to their
performance demanded horse’s regiment, in the hopes of maximizing energy and proper muscle contraction. ATP  is the Performance Fuel of Equine Athletes !

DOSAGE: For Best Results Administer one full 60 cc tube 4 to 6 hours prior to Event / Competition / Purpose.
NOTE: One 60 cc tube can also be split 30 cc each way prior to and after event to facilitate recovery after competition.

 ATP is the Racing Fuel of Performance Horse Athletes !
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Mach Ride Turbo ATP Gel (128 g)    $29.95 ea.