Dynamic Equine Products  Consists of Dynamic Equine Products (T'dad) and Dynamic Equine Products (USA).
Dynamic Equine Products (USA) is the Main Distribution location that handles all Selecting and Purchasing of Quality
Equine Products ,Veterinary Supplies and General Health Care items. This is where it all starts, where we ship our
products to the hub in Trinidad, West Indies for Distribution of Wholesale and Retail Sales. Dynamic Equine Products
(USA) is owned and operated by Mr Dereck Joseph, located in Orlando, Florida.

Dynamic Equine Products (T'dad) operates a retail outlet for clients dealing in many different Equine Discipline's, such
as Racing, Dressage, Jumpers etc. Products are also Distributed on a Wholesale basis to Resellers as well as
Retailed at the store. They also supply products to that countries Police Force Livestock, for horses stabled at the
Mounted Branch. Dynamic Equine Products (T'dad) is owned and operated by Mr CasImir Joseph, with offices located
in Curepe, (East) Trinidad. It is at this location that Products are also Distributed to neighboring Caribbean islands,
such as Barbados etc.

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Dynamic Equine Thoroughbreds...operates at the same mentioned locations as it's other division's. However,
horses wether they be purchased at the sales or privately, are mainly selected in the U.S.A  It is here that
thoroughbreds are purchased and sold in the U.S.A or shipped internationaly via air transport for our clients. We
handle the analysis, selection, vetting and transporting to final destination. Dynamic Equine Thoroughbreds handles
all quarantine and flight plan arrangements, from blood work done for health certificates to stabling at the USDA
holding facility, for horses shipping overseas. This process is handled in collaboration with our trustworthy affiliates.
From start to finish we can handle it all. We also utilize a network of experienced horsemen in the industry, ranging
from past and current jockey's to trainers for important decision making information, as well as past history of horses
and their pedigrees. We put much research into our thoroughbred selection, to make sure that we give you every
possibility to acquire that
Dynamic Equine !                                                              

Analyzing and  Selecting Young Potential Stars of the Future !

Dynamic Equine Racing...is the banner under which horses owned or managed by Casimir Joseph and / or  
Dereck Joseph races under. This racing entity offers creditable individuals the opportunity to realize and live their
dreams in the excitement and prestige of racehorse ownership. We embrace the fact that there is a great feeling in
watching your horse thunder down the stretch getting his picture taken and knowing that you are a part of that glory.
Therefore we offer interested parties various options in affordable shares, of which we manage the day to day affairs
and keep owners informed of progress and make sure that they are involved in the decision making process. This
way each owner has a positive feeling of control in their investment and would not be a silent partner, so to speak.
We also purchase thoroughbreds specifically for partnership purposes and then send that horse to a selected
trainer, once a partnership group is formed, as well as race solely by Dynamic Equine.


Casimir Joseph, has been in the thoroughbred industry since a teenager dating back to the 1960's. He began riding
horses at a young age and would often skip school to exercise horses. He then trancended his love for horses to
racehorse ownership and training. His father Henry Joseph known as "Grampa"... not Grandpa was an ardent
racehorse owner and fan, dating as far back as 1930's. Stanley Joseph...Casimir's brother, has also been an
instrumental part in the family's racing history, dating back to the 60's as well and has many interesting racing stories
to tell. This strong family horsemen tradition has passed down from generation to generation. Dereck Joseph...son of
Casimir Joseph, has also been in this sport from a teenager and has carried on the racing tradition, which has been
trancended upon him to this day, along with his father. Collectively, the Joseph's has also bred, sold and raced their
thoroughbreds. This past history transcends to much experience in this industry of which we now utilize in the
thoroughbred world today. Although back then it was not as commercialized as today, but the love of the sport still
goes on. The Joseph family has sold and raced successful thoroughbreds in both the Caribbean and U.S.A.

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